Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The power of blogging and image sharing

Blogging and content marketing is one of the best strategy to share your voice to your people. This is why many people use blogging now and often.

With blogspot and wordpress, its never hard to start your own blog and get started. They made things so easy that even a non technical guy could start his own website and then start getting your content live, right away.

Now, suppose you have a blog on bloggers, means you have a freedom and do not have any problem with the bandwidth issues. Your blog is hosted on Google servers and boom, you have the power to control as many visitors as possible. But think of the hectic part when you have a self hosted wordpress or any other blog. You need to take care of everything including bandwidth and server issues.

In that case, you could always use free image hosting sites like to save your bandwidth. This will help you save your bandwidth as when you have some good number of visitors in your blog, images are the main reason why you use up your bandwidth.

Even the top blogs like smartpassiveincome and quicksporut some time uses images from external servers to prevent their bandwidth. This is important if you want to save some bucks on hosting because not every blogger could pay up the hefty fees for dedicated or the virtual private servers. In the worse case, even the virtual private servers are harder to manage.

Now since you have a free solution to this, you do not need to worry about the things on your own. Alternatively you can even use Facebook, Google+ or pinterest to share things in the internet, however they are more of a social media than images sharing website. So you should stick with websites like imgup which will help you upload and share your own images very easily.

Even top artists, players, etc use blogs to promote their content online and promote their voice, so blog is a great way to start spreading your own words. With few little visitors and little SEO, you could stand out of the crowd easily and get to know how the things could perform with blogging. This will help you get into the world of internet with ease.

I hope you will now start by yourself when you see this article. I will now be signing off and will come up with some great articles in future.

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